Circulatory Disorders

High blood pressure and coronary artery disease (causing blockages in the pipes (arteries) that supply blood to the heart) are the main causes of blood vessel disorders. They can result in a stroke or heart attack, which can be devastating.  Fortunately, there are many preventative and treatment options.

Heart Attack (Myocardial Infarction)

When arteries become so clogged that the flow of blood to the heart is reduced or stopped, the lack of oxygen can damage or kill the heart muscle, causing a heart attack. 

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Patient resources on heart attacks are available on the American Heart Association website.


Strokes, although not true heart disorders, are caused by blockage or reduced blood flow to the brain. While some strokes occur when a blood vessel bursts, most happen due to clogged or blocked vessels to the brain, in the same way clogged vessels in the heart can cause a heart attack. 

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