Shared Decison Making

Each patient and each journey is different. It is important that you understand the entirety of the care that you receive. Be a proactive advocate for your health and be the central part of the shared decision making process with your healthcare provider.

It is important to plan before you see your doctor. There are many available tools and resources for you to better understand shared decision making.

A website with resources on shared decision making tools:

This decision aid can help you and your clinician discuss how to manage the risk of stroke.

The goal of Afib 2gether is to help you have an informed discussion with your health care provider and to help build your understanding of stroke risk due to a diagnosis of atrial fibrillation. 

A definition of shared decision making is:

  • Sharing of information (knowledge) about care options, and their risks/benefits
  • Formal elicitation of patient goals and values of care
  • Negotiation of a patient-centered decision that balances medical indications with patient goals and values