AFib 2gether™: A Shared Decision Making Tool

AFib 2gether™, a mobile app developed by Pfizer, may help improve shared decision making discussions between patients with AFib, their caregivers, and their provider, on the risk of stroke due to AFib.

AFib 2gether™: A Patient Friendly Shared Decision Making Tool

The app includes:

  • A brief Stroke Risk Questionnaire that patients can send to your provider, outlining their individual risk factors for stroke
  • Education on AFib with videos, facts, and links to trusted advocacy sites
  • An FAQ tool with suggested questions to ask your provider

AFib 2gether™ aims to empower patients with AFib to prepare for your provider visit. The app is available free in the Apple App Store or on Google Play.

More information about shared decision making can be found in the common treatments section of